Removing Armor

There are times when one needs to remove armor quickly, such as being thrown overboard at sea, or when a green slime drops on you. These rules are designed to cover that.

Light Armor:

Except in extenuating circumstances (your hands are tied), you may quickly remove light armor. This takes a number of rounds equal to the armor class bonus provided by the armor. Doing it this way, preserves the integrity of the armor so it may be used again.

Medium Armor:

Removal of medium armor is a little trickier than light armor, and thus requires more time. This takes a number of rounds equal to double the armor class value provided by the armor.

Heavy Armor

Removal of heavy armor is difficult, and is rarely done without assistance. However, there are times when this may need to happen. In order to remove heavy armor, it requires an amount of time equal to twice the armor class value of the armor worn.

Removing Armor Quickly

If you wish to remove the armor more quickly, and care more about removing the armor than preserving it’s condition, then you may do so. This reduces the number of rounds by half (rounded up), however, if the armor is recoverable, then the armor is considered to be poor quality until repaired. (See Loot for more information on quality).


If someone helps you remove the armor, you may reduce the number of rounds by half (round up). In this manner you are preserving the armor, but still removing it as quickly as possible.
This may be combined with Removing Armor Quickly above, by simply ripping it off of you. This effectively reduces the amount of time to remove the armor to 1/4 the normally required time (rounded up – with the exception that any time less than 1 round becomes 1 action).

Removing Armor

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