During the course of the campaign, it will of course come to mind that the creatures you are fighting will be carrying weapons and armor of their own. However, before looting all the weapons and armor, hauling it back to town to sell, I would like you to consider a couple things first.

NPC Weapon Quality

Most low level NPCs and monsters carry weapons and wear armor that they either looted, were given or made themselves. They care little for the weapons other than that they are great tools for bashing, stabbing or slicing foes. In view of this I am making the following rules:
1. Unless otherwise specified, monster weapons and armor are considered poor quality.
2. Monsters or NPCs of true militant background (Hobgoblins for example), will have good quality weapons and armor.
3. Monsters who are considered leaders or bosses of their kind will have good quality weapons and armor.
4. Named NPCs that do not have magical weapons and armor will have good quality weapons and armor.

Poor Quality

  • Any weapon of poor quality when used by a PC will be considered to have a -1 penalty to damage. (Ammunition – such as arrows – is never considered to have a ‘quality’ for purposes of use or resale)
  • Any armor of poor quality is considered 1 AC point worse than that indicated in the armor tables.
  • Weapons and armor of poor quality cannot be “sold” for coins in the market or to a merchant. However, it is possible to trade for favors, goods or services (at the DM’s discretion). At no time will you be permitted to flood the market with poor quality equipment, and even giving away poor quality equipment will give you a bad reputation eventually.
  • As a down-time activity, if you have access to a forge (for metal items), or leatherworking tools, or carpentry tools, you may improve the quality of up to three poor quality simple weapons or one poor quality martial weapon to good, with one day of down-time work. Light armor and shields requires one day, Medium armor three day and Heavy armor one week, to improve poor quality to good.

Good Quality

Any weapon or armor of good quality may be used by the PC at no penalty. These items may also be collected and sold at market or to a merchant at one-half their ‘book’ value, modified by a Charisma (Persuasion) contest between one of the PCs and the Merchant in question.


Magical weapons and armor are not generally bought and sold. However, should you be able to find a broker, you may offer it for sale, and some time in the next 5 to 21 days, (larger centers lower the required time, a Charisma (Persuasion) check may help as well) you will receive an offer for the item.
1. You may accept or reject the offer.
2. If you reject the offer, a second offer will follow in 1 to 8 days. If this offer is rejected, you will have to start the process over again with a new broker.
3. If you sell the item, the broker fee is included in the price. If you reject both offers, you must pay 100 gp to the broker for his efforts on your behalf. Failure to do so, will eventually earn you a bad reputation.


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